Fast Stats: Banking on one password proves risky..

Online bankers keep it simple–and keep getting scammed, lawyers like emails, and filtering the web pays off for libraries.


Though phishing scams have doubled in the last six months, online banking customers are still lax about maintaining their passwords, according to new research from anti-fraud company Cyota. Forty-four percent of online bankers with multiple accounts choose the same password for all of their banking services, 37 percent share their passwords with online merchants and subscriptions, and 11 percent of online bankers save their passwords on their computers. Of course, this makes people susceptible to multiple attacks if a password is compromised. However, just a month ago, market research firm Gartner reported that online consumers are upset by lax security on bank and retail sites. Over 80 percent of those surveyed by Gartner said they would spend more with vendors whose site security went beyond a user name and password.

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