Trustworthy Computing Continues to Build Momentum

The third year of Microsoft’s long-term commitment saw progress in technology investments, industry leadership and customer guidance.

Scott Charney wants people to think of using their computer in the same way they think of using their telephone.

Not that Charney, vice president of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, is trying to advocate voice over other communication choices. Rather, he points out that people will walk up to almost any telephone, pick up the receiver and take for granted that they will get a dial tone. Even though the phone system occasionally fails, people are still confident that they will get a dial tone, their call will be completed, and their conversation will be secure and private.

Charney wants people to think about computers in the same way. And that is why Microsoft is full steam ahead on its Trustworthy Computing initiative, which marks three years of progress on January 15. Launched by an internal memo from Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates in 2002, Trustworthy Computing is a long-term effort to create and deliver secure, private, and reliable computing experiences for everyone….

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