January 2005

This isn’t about PC and internet security at all.  It’s about my January 2005 bad and good news.  The bad news:

  • I loss two love ones and what made me sad is I failed to go home to see them for the last time (fuuneral/burial). 
  • My baby Jeannie (a pekingese dog) who is suffering with arthritis is really in pain.  She can’t walk and eat properly.  Jeannie is an active dog and to see her suffer hurts me a lot.  I just don’t know how to ease her pain in a snap.  She gone thru vet’s care already but it doesn’t help her.  I wish I have magic wand.

There are more not cool but it is not for public <g>

The good news:

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional program – I got the award again.  Thanks again Microsoft for the wonderful award.   Thanks also to our MVP leaders who is not only cool but sweet
  • Calendar of Updates is still up and running <g>

I get for myself 2 cool things:

  • Microsoft Fingerprint Reader – I love it really
  • Outpost Firewall Pro with lifetime upgrade – Agnitum has this promotion where users can buy single license for Outpost Firewall Pro with FREE lifetime upgrade.  The promo ended Jan. 10 and before it ends, I purchased one. It’s just a great offer that I must not miss.

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