Anti-virus expert claims spyware does not exist

Reports of spyware’s life have been greatly exaggerated, according to anti-virus expert Eugene Kaspersky.

Kaspersky, head of his self-titled company, claimed spyware has been around for years, and recent scare stories are simply the result of marketing men profiteering.

“The term spyware is basically a marketing gimmick,” said Kaspersky on the company weblog. “Just to separate new ersatz-security products from traditional ones, just to push almost zero-value products to the security market.”

According to Kaspersky programs now called spyware, in one form or another, has been around for years.

“The first malicious software designed to spy and steal confidential information was detected back in 1996 – the AOL password stealing trojans,” he said. “Have we already seen other malicious programs which can be described as spyware? Certainly!”

Some industry watchers take a slightly different view.

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