CounterSpy goes 1.5

Sunbelt CounterSpy Version 1.5 Now Available.

What’s New?

  • The new version primarily has “under-the-hood” improvements in scanning and detection. It incorporates our new DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) technology which significantly improves the chances of killing resuscitators–parts of spyware applications which don’t allow the spyware application to be deleted.

  • Some minor interface improvements as well which include two new icons in the toolbar for ‘update’ and ‘manage quarantine’ with direct access to the Active Protection Monitors.

  • New default scanning setup. Previously, the default was “Intelligent quick scan”. Now the default is a “Full System” scan. A custom scan option now allows users to pick folders or drives to scan and whether to scan Registry or Processes. There are new check boxes for scanning .zip files and low risk programs that gives the user the ability to not scan programs such as Weatherbug, Hotbar, etc.

  • Some bug fixes. For example, all potential conflicts with Microsoft AntiSpyware have been resolved and
    Windows 98SE and ME support is greatly improved.

To upgrade or try this new version of CounterSpy, get it in Sunbelt website (direct download).  See also the Calendar of Updates entry.

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