Anti-spyware anesthetises your OS before going to work

AS SPAM reaches record levels and more and more operating system exploits are discovered every week the threat of spyware has become greater than ever.

No longer relegated to the realms of annoying pop-ups as in the days of Gator, spyware is now a more insidious beast, lurking deep within your system relaying who knows what information back to people who will bend it to their nefarious will, hackers, phishers and worst of all marketing companies.

As security systems have become more robust and smarter at detecting and removing these malicious little bastards, so the bastards have dug deeper and found their way into systems files and other places that your security is not allowed to go.

Enter PC Tools' new spyware killer, AOSS (alternate operating system scanner). As the name suggests this program boots into a different OS, namely a modified version of Linux, to allow the scanner run independently of Windows. This serves the purpose of being able to access areas that the Vole normally doesn't allow us to tread.

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