Secunia: 28% of all detected applications are insecure

Secunia blog today the following:

Since its release in December of last year, the free, online Secunia Software Inspector has conducted over 350,000 inspections. These inspections have identified 4.9 million popular applications (as listed here), and out of those, 1.4 million applications were found to be lacking critical security patches from the vendors.

While most people are aware of the need to update their anti-virus patterns and to raise their firewall shields, it appears that too many users either don’t know that their systems are vulnerable to significant issues or that they simply don’t want to spend the necessary time scouring for vulnerability information and the relevant vendor patches to properly address the issues.

This fact is further highlighted if we dig deeper into the figures behind the fact that 28% of all detected applications by the Software Inspector are vulnerable.

Comparing browsers and looking at Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer, we found out that Firefox 2 is the least vulnerable, as only 5.19% of all Firefox 2 installations miss security updates, whereas 11.96% of all Opera 9.x installations miss security updates, and the numbers for IE6 and IE7 are 9.61% and 5.4% respectively. These numbers are not that alarming and show that users are fairly concerned about applying relevant updates for their browsers – which naturally is one of the most exposed applications.

But looking at media players such as Quicktime and WinAMP, then the figures are more worrying, as 26.96% of all WinAMP 5 installations miss important security updates and 33,14% of all Quicktime 7 installations are outdated.

Most people using Windows and Microsoft products are usually aware of the monthly “Patch Tuesday” routine that Microsoft has set up, which can explain why the patch level for MS products are relatively high. These numbers also indicate that many people using Firefox and Opera are concerned about security and remember to keep their products updated.


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