Alert: National Payroll Reporting Consortium Trojan Horse

Websense® Security Labs™ has discovered a new email attack that uses a spoofed email message which claims to be from the National Payroll Reporting Consortium (NPRC). This attack is similar to previous attacks claiming to originate from the IRS, Better Business Bureau, and Department of Justice. We have tracked all of these attacks, and reported them as they were discovered.

The message claims that the recipient’s company has made numerous misrepresentations regarding worker classification,in an attempt to lower compensation costs. The email asks the recipient to fill out an attached form and fax it to NPRC’s fraud department in order to resolve the issue.

An email attachment contains a Trojan downloader with some backdoor capabilities. It is a malicious Windows executable file, with an MD5 of 854e259c7c0ac6fb2a26963a9d77600d.

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