Comodo licensed their firewall to rogue company?

There is a thread going on at BBR and Comodo forums (thanks to Microsoft MVP Gordon Chapman for the info) regarding PCSecurityShield and Comodo’s firewall.

Comodo’s CEO confirmed in his post at Comodo licensed their firewall software to PCSecurityShield:

so far the info:

background: they are licensing our engine from us (yes they pay too.. well bloody worth it imo  )

new info: what was reported about them in this forum about they are a malware provider etc etc..

our reaction: oh dear.. lets check this further….

our results so far: so far our investigation reveals that they are legitimate entity (which backs up our original investigation on them prior to signingi), legal entity, BBB member, has similar deals with other security firms etc etc.



Many users are disappointed because the said company got record of providing rogue antispyware product. :

Privacy Defender    false positives work as goad to purchase; poor, misleading scan reporting; deceptive advertising/”scan” on home page (1); advertises through adware (1); recruits affiliates through spam (1); dubious corp. associations (1); same app as Spyblocs 3.0, MySpyFreePC, iSpyKiller, SamuraiSpy, & Spy Crusher; also from this domain: The Shield 2004, PC Security Shield – (Note: other domains associated w/ Privacy Defender include:,,,,, [A: 6-26-04 / U: 9-7-05]

Note that this PCSecurityShield also spammed me and Suzi at during 2005.

If you are using 3rd party hosts file, you will notice that is listed which means it’s blocked to communicate to your computer. 

If you are using SiteHound by Firetrust, you cannot view because it’s blacklisted.

If you are using SiteAdvisor by McAfee, you will be warned that is RED X.

Some screenshots provided by a user at the said forum shows that the PCSecurityShield’s Shield Deluxe 2008 is powered by Kaspersky AV 6 and then the Security Shield 2008 is powered by F-Secure.

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