I’m not condemning Comodo Firewall Pro but we, users do NOT support questionable toolbars

I thought I will not blog about this ASK Toolbar thingy again but *sigh* I have to.

I previously mentioned that security software updaters in the Calendar of Updates website will no longer post update information about Comodo Firewall Pro because of its inclusion and pre-checked of questionable toolbar that reputable researchers like Ben Edelman and Sunbelt’s CEO Alex Eckelberry and many other researchers and security experts believed to be doing unacceptable ways in distributing their toolbar.

Today, the said decision was shared by a user at Comodo Forums and one of the comments is:

Well with Donna’s posting this am I see one of her minions has found its way here to spread their vemon.
The simple truth is if they would warn of the toolbar instead, of condem the firewall program it would make more sense, I wonder now about these self appointed security experts

I’m not condemning the Comodo Firewal Program itself but we, users do NOT support the toolbar!  We do not support the way the toolbar is ADVERTISED by these security vendors.  It is misleading. It’s false way to get some money!

They said the ASK Toolbar in Comodo Firewall Pro now includes SafeSurf Toolbar that is based to their Memory Firewall Technology (which can be downloaded as separate program).  Users who will believe that trick will install the ASK Toolbar. Thinking that they will get that protection.  That is simply misleading because when user installs the Comodo Firewall Pro with SafeSurf Toolbar, their Add/Remove Programs will have 3 entries:

1.  Comodo Firewall

2.  Ask Toolbar

3.  SafeSurf

If user realized that they don’t need to ASK toolbar, they will uninstall it.  The Memory Firewall protection (safesurf) will stay. 

So you see. why advertise that by installing the Ask toolbar with SafeSurf on it means protection? Not protection at all because the SafeSurf is another program that stays in the system even if the ASK Toolbar has been removed by the user.

Comodo Firewall Pro is a good firewall.  It simply works and its features are nice.  However, with the ASK toolbar on its installer as pre-checked and advertising it as “needed if user want the browser protection against whatever buffer overflow” is simply UNACCEPTABLE.

We STOPPED posting updates on products that have ASK Toolbar because of this type of false pretenses and misleading users.  We can tell them to “uncheck the toolbar” … yeah! right but the community have the right to be informed what is in that software and why we don’t want to support anymore by posting updates information on it.  There are millions of users that fall into victim by these ‘pre-checked’ and ‘bundling’ of 3rd party.  Then their PC will become unstable.  They thought the add-on is trusted since they trust the security vendor. 

Calling the detection by some antivirus and antivirus on mysearch and ask toolbar as False Positive is funny.  So why not work closely with those vendors and convince them that it’s false positive?

And last but not the least, why their very own Antimalware scanner called BOClean Anti-malware have detection for Ask Jeeves and MySearch (screenshot is there) but it is not detecting it when user installs the Comodo Firewall Pro with Ask toolbar? Geez…




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