For the 2nd time, Bill said No to Ask Toolbar

Our friend, Bill Pytlovany a Microsoft MVP and author of the popular WinPatrol said “no” again to Ask Toolbar.

Thank you Bill for providing a clean installer of WinPatrol!.  Also for understanding what the users want and making their system clean by not adding any crapware, unwanted components and/or unnecessary programs by third party.

You can read the post of Bill at the 2nd attempt of by offering him to bundle Ask Toolbar on WinPatrol.  If you don’t have WinPatrol yet, check out my review at Bright Hub about WinPatrol

Malware SPAM: SVB Bank (HDstream_player10)

There’s a lot of these bad emails today and been deleting some earlier. It keeps coming:

SVB Bank Interactive Windows 2009

Installation for SVB Bank Interactive component.
News page explains how to add the necessary installation components to your application.
Here are some easy tips to get you updated fast:

Proceed to view details:

Sincerely Oscar Hawk.
2009 SVB Financial Group. Customer service department.

At the time of this post, no browser have block it yet.  We need to report and block these links (but if you are not in a test machine, do not even load those pages).

IE’s Information Bar (introduced by MS in XP SP2) will help prevent the download because the bad page, once loaded will try to download the file HDstream_player10.exe

5 malware scanners can detect that bad file.

Another work-around for IE8 starting slow

Another work-around for IE8 starting slow (if you don’t have immunization by any tool) is posted by MVP and ZDNET writer, Ed Bott:

Register the actxprxy.dll file in XP or Vista

See if that will help anyone because it help others.

See also IE8 Fix It solutions and others: Other discussion here and here.

Malware SPAM:

From: "United Parcel Service of America"
Subject: Postal Tracking #SBNP7397170YYXN

We were not able to deliver postal package you sent on the 14th of March in time
because the recipient’s address is not correct.
Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office.

Your United Parcel Service of America

Only 4 malware scanner have detection at the time of this entry here.

See also

Winners of ESET Smart Security Licenses at Calendar of Updates

We let the members to try to guess below 33 icons:


Unfortunately, no one is able to guess them all! but we still have winners of ESET Smart Security License (highest score is 24 out of 33 icons).  We’ve announced the winners of ESET software at the forums (here).  Congratulations and Thanks for participating! Thanks also to ESET and fellow Microsoft MVP Aryeh Goretsky for the licenses 🙂

The answers is in the forums also.

Work-around by users on slow startup of IE with immunization

Ever since IE8 was released, users of Spybot-S&D and/or SpywareBlaster programs are seeing slow starting of IE8. MS IE Team confirmed the issue with IE8 and looking for ways to address it. Some users have found a work-around to make IE8 load faster again while IE8 is immunized:

1. By immunizing IE8 while it is open. Two users have done this (see comments by GXJ and JollyMoon in

2. By re-installing Spybot-S&D and/or SpywareBlaster then re-immunized IE8. I’ve tested this method and it works also.

So… for users of Spybot-S&D and/or SpywareBlaster that wish to continue immunizing Internet Explorer v8 but experiencing slow start-up of IE8, you might want to try any of the above method while IE Team and the authors of the said programs is looking ways to address the problem in IE8.

Posted also the above in

Questions and Answers: Conficker and April 1st

Q: I heard something really bad is going to happen on the Internet on April 1st! Will it?
A: No, not really.

Q: Seriously, the Conficker worm is going to do something bad on April 1st, right?
A: The Conficker aka Downadup worm is going to change it’s operation a bit, but that’s unlikely to cause anything visible on April 1st.

Q: So, what will it do on April 1st?
A: So far, Conficker has been polling 250 different domain names every day to download and run an update program. On April 1st, the latest version of Conficker will start to poll 500 out of 50,000 domains a day to do the same thing.

Q: The latest version? There are different versions out there?
A: Yes, and the latest version is not the most common. Most of the infected machines are infected with the B variant, which became widespread in early January. With B variant, nothing happens on April 1st.

Q: I just checked, and my Windows machine is clean. Is something going to happen to me on April 1st?
A: No.

Q: I’m running a Mac, is something going to happen to me?
A: No.

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