Voice of Windows users on UAC: Microsoft should continue using UAC in Windows

We often read bad comments and opinion about User Account Control (UAC) in Vista (nothing wrong with opinions. It helps improve a feature, product or service!).  I like UAC a lot and it’s always “on” on my Vista and in Windows 7 Beta on my laptop. It is not a shield from malware or attackers but a notice that things will be change on my machine especially if it requires admin permission.

In CoU forums, a customer of Microsoft and one of CoU’s MVC posted his voice about UAC.  He said it great and right!

I like the Vista UAC, not a fan of the way Windows 7 UAC has been implemented. Vista UAC has had one positive effect, lots and lots of software developers have been creating non admin programs….this is a good thing. If it was a Linux or Unix machine, your program would not even get a look in if it was asking for Root permissions…and I suspect Microsoft (belatedly) were trying to achieve this.

So I want Microsoft to ignore all those complainers about the UAC…and instead continue with it and thus help increase the number of programs that can run in a limited account. As a home user, I don’t really mind all these extra clicks people are talking about…and it may not provide enough information for a person to make an informed decision, but at least its driving down the number of applications requesting admin privelages. Or at least I like to think so.

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