Windows Live Messenger 10th Anniversary—next month

  Windows Live Messenger Team blogs the 10th anniversary of Windows Live Messenger –> July 22, 2009

The Countdown to the Windows Live Messenger 10th Anniversary begins

Windows Live Messenger blog

My wish:  Happy Advanced Anniversary!

My wishlist:  Please release a standalone installer of Windows Live Messenger without the need for people to get it one by one:!E3785B1281BBDA1!1723.entry (Thanks to Microsoft MVP Jonathan Kay for the nice work!)

Pre-order Windows 7: 50% discount

Finally, as a way of saying thank you to our loyal Windows customers, we are excited to introduce a special time limited offer! We will offer people in select markets the opportunity to pre-order Windows 7 at a more than 50% discount. In the US, this will mean you can pre-order Windows 7 Home Premium for USD $49.99 or Windows 7 Professional for USD $99.99. You can take advantage of this special offer online via select retail partners such as Best Buy or Amazon, or the online Microsoft Store (in participating markets).

This program begins tomorrow in the U.S., Canada and Japan. The offer ends July 11th in the U.S. and Canada and on July 5th for Japan or while supplies last. Customers in the UK, France and Germany, can pre-order their copy of Windows 7 starting July 15th and will run until August 14th (or supplies last) to ensure folks don’t miss out on this. Act fast if you want to be the first in line to get Windows 7 at this screaming deal! Note: The special low pre-order price will vary per country.

I missed the above message. Thanks to CoU member, Weasel for noting it!

Software add-in with add-on

Many people are not happy to receive a new PC with many crapplications.  What they do is they reformat the new hard-drive to fresh install the system or they will use PC Decrapifier to remove the crapplications.

Many of us are not happy to see installers of software that have add-ons.  Those add-ons are either third party or from the same vendor that is not always needed to run or operate the program that you want to install.  See the growing number of software with add-ons at Calendar of Updates.

Today, I decided to check for updates for Windows (I have it turn off as I check for updates all the time anyway).  What WU offered to me is an optional Office Live add-in with add-on! 

People have to deal or watch for some much add-ons and add-ins already 🙁

Microsoft Security Beta ‘Sells Out’ Within 24 Hours

The beta version of Microsoft ‘s security  software is a hit. The software giant announced Wednesday on its Web site that it had reached the U.S. limit on downloads for Microsoft Security Essentials — which was only made available Tuesday.

The general release of the free software is expected this fall.

"Alert!" said a posting on the Web page for the security software. "Thank you for your interest in joining the Microsoft Security Essentials Beta. We are not accepting additional participants at this time. Please check back at a later date for possible additional availability."

Limit Reached Within 24 Hours

The beta became available Tuesday morning and reached the limit for the U.S. and Israel within twenty-four hours. Microsoft had said it would allow 75,000 downloads for users in the U.S., Israel and Brazil.

According to news reports , the limit for the U.S. and Israel was reached at about 5 a.m. PDT Wednesday. The limit of 20,000 downloads for Brazilian users hadn’t been reached, meaning 55,000 downloads were reserved for U.S. and Israel.–Sells-Out–Quickly/story.xhtml?story_id=12100BSDE5OU

A dangerous mix: Twitter auto feeds combined with 140,000 followers

It’s a dangerous combination: 140,000 followers and a Twitter account that generates its Tweets from other pages via auto feeds. Unknown attackers have exploited the Twitter account of venture capitalist and former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki to spread links to malware. The link in a Tweet allegedly lead to sex videos involving American actress and singer-songwriter Leighton Meester: "Leighton Meester sex tape video free download!"–/news/113617

Leighton Meester sex tape lure spreads Mac and Windows malware to Twitter users

Microsoft Outlines Revenue Recognition for the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program


Microsoft Corp. today announced the start of the Windows 7 Upgrade Option program enabling consumers and small businesses to receive Windows 7 when they purchase a qualifying Windows Vista personal computer starting June 26, 2009. Under the program, designated PCs pre-installed with premium versions of Windows Vista will qualify for licenses of the equivalent Windows 7 product.

For more details on Windows 7 pricing and offers please see the company’s announcement at

Check out the New Windows 7 Packaging

Microsoft Hohm

  Microsoft Corp. today announced Microsoft Hohm, a new online application that enables consumers to better understand their energy usage, get recommendations and start saving money. Microsoft Hohm uses advanced analytics licensed from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy to provide consumers with personalized energy-saving recommendations. Microsoft Hohm is an easy-to-use tool that helps consumers lower their energy bill and reduce their impact on the environment. The beta application is available at no cost to anyone in the United States with an Internet connection and can be accessed directly by visiting

Kaspersky released 2010 editions of KAV and KIS

The new version 2010 products incorporate the advantages of advanced Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) technology in the Application Control module that assigns a security rating to previously unknown malware; unique Sandbox technology embodying virtualization technologies and providing a dedicated secure runtime environment; and the innovative Kaspersky Security Network that uses information from millions of users to dramatically reduce response times to new threats and replenish reputation databases with the most up-to-date information about clean and infected files.

The version 2009 products that were released last summer for personal use have won recognition from tens of millions of users all over the world, demonstrated their efficiency and reliability in hundreds of comparative tests, and established themselves as leaders in the global market. They are now succeeded by the new Kaspersky Lab products Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010, based on the very latest developments in IT security.

An even more secure environment is provided in Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 as the product integrates the “Safe Run” functionality based on the new Sandbox technology – unique for Internet Security Suites product range. “Safe Run” enables the user to run new software in an isolated environment that protects the operating system from all malicious changes. Statistically, it has been demonstrated that vulnerabilities in operating systems and trusted applications are often exploited by hackers to attack applications that make use of the Internet.

The “Safe Run” function makes surfing the Internet using various web browsers much safer and easier, as well as allowing any number of other applications to be run simultaneously. A green border around the application window also makes it easy for the user to see that it is protected.

I’m so interested with that Safe Run feature!

NOTE: Existing users of 2009 and v7 editions is eligible for Free upgrade to 2010 editions as long as the license/subscription is active.