Software add-in with add-on

Many people are not happy to receive a new PC with many crapplications.  What they do is they reformat the new hard-drive to fresh install the system or they will use PC Decrapifier to remove the crapplications.

Many of us are not happy to see installers of software that have add-ons.  Those add-ons are either third party or from the same vendor that is not always needed to run or operate the program that you want to install.  See the growing number of software with add-ons at Calendar of Updates.

Today, I decided to check for updates for Windows (I have it turn off as I check for updates all the time anyway).  What WU offered to me is an optional Office Live add-in with add-on! 

People have to deal or watch for some much add-ons and add-ins already 🙁

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