Foxit Corporation Reassures Customers Following Malware Incident;Foxit PDF reader for Mac? Or malware?

Foxit Corporation is encouraging its users to be alert to pirated software malware attacks that claim to be Foxit Reader for Macintosh. Foxit recommends users to always log onto Foxit’s website,, for secure and reliable downloads along with updates for all of its products.

“While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, we are not happy about the recent malware attacks masquerading as our Foxit Reader. Foxit has always strived to insure that our solutions are secure for our users, and remains committed to address any Foxit product security issue in a professional and timely manner,” said George Gao, Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Foxit Corporation.

Any user foolish enough to download a version of "Foxit Reader for Mac" from a source other than the official Foxit website at is, therefore, risking infecting their iMac or MacBook.

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