CoU IP Blocklist for Kaspersky is ready!

I wrote last week that I will be releasing IP Blocklist file for Kaspersky Internet Security Suite’s Anti-Banner/Black List. Today, it is ready for download.

To download IP Blocklist of Kaspersky Anti-Banner, go to CoU Download section.

To find out how it works (with screenshots):  Read it here

If you are using Outpost Firewall or Online Armor Firewall, you can have this blocklist too and it’s free.  You can update it manually or by using CoU IP Blocklist Updater software which is free also 🙂

What else is new? I have 2 new project to be released and it’s all for our security and privacy.  I’m testing another format of IP Blocklist file and another file to help protect our privacy when browsing. 

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