IObit denies stealing of MBAM database

IObit was found to steal Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’s database.  MBAM team is smart enough to add a bait detection signature (Good job Marcin and MBAM team!).  IObit respond by making a "Declaration"

We have never used the database of any other companies. And hope Malwarebytes stop spreading malicious rumors for hyping itself. The ridiculousness: who will trust and depend on a security product that can NOT even protect itself?

A legal letter will be released later, which will prove that there is no problem with Intellectual Property Rights.

For the sake of avoiding dispute and possible problems, we have deleted all disputed items in our database temporarily, and have updated IObit Security 360’s database.

Our database is from the online submission form:

We also have many various sources of malware samples from warm-hearted users, computer security fans, and major security groups from all over the world. We have admitted that it’s hard to avoid mistakes, like a silly or duplicated name. But there is in no way means we steal Malwarebytes’ or any other’s database. We are investigating and tracking on those items which Malwarebytes declared stolen.

We have so many independent and objective reviewing tests and reports; everybody can download and view from the link: We believe that, after viewing these test report, you can judge that if we steal database from Malwarebytes.

Thanks for the always support of IObit users.

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