Haiti: Earthquake Unearths Malware

After the earthquake that hit Haiti last week, January 12, the Internet was flooded with requests for financial donations, although it may be noted that not all of which were true to their stated intentions.

Martin Roesler, Trend Micro Director of Threat Research, warns users of the internet to be very careful when following links regarding the latest earthquakes in Haiti. "We’ve already seen rogue donation sites, spam, and FakeAV related SEO poisoning using this event as social engineering and their number is still increasing. For all donations that users want to make, be sure that you use only trusted sites, that all security features of your web browser are enabled and double check manually the URL that you are connecting to. Do not trust any email that offers you ‘one click donations’ or similar services."

It arrives as a spam mail, posing as call of relief and donations from the UNICEF International Response Fund. The message described the supposed efforts of the agency to assist the victims of the recent Haiti earthquake.

Additionally, users searching for information about the event might, instead of proceeding to a legitimate news or charity website, be led to a malicious site, as seen in these suspicious Google search results


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