Trend Micro offers Trend Micro Browser Guard To Help Proactively Protect Against 0-day attack on browser

Trend Micro To Help Proactively Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks like the recent IE Explorer Exploit

The recent attacks on Google and other large organizations (currently being referred to by others as Aurora, Google Attacks, Hydraq) were a set of carefully orchestrated, sophisticated and highly complex attacks. They comprised malicious threats to all three communication vectors – email, web and files, plus most notably, a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer. In order to stay protected, businesses and end users need to deploy proactive vulnerability protection plus cloud-based threat mitigation solutions in order to stay one step ahead of the threat.

We want to let our readers know that Trend Micro can help users proactively block this malicious attack and others like it – with or without the out of band patch released by Microsoft yesterday. In addition to business solutions like Trend Micro Intrusion Defense Firewall (a plug-in for OfficeScan) and Trend Micro Deep Security, we also offer a free tool – Trend Micro Browser Guard – that proactively protects home users by preventing exploits. Browser Guard protects by detecting buffer overflow and heap spray attempts as well as shellcode, thereby protecting users ahead of the threat.

To download Trend Micro Browser Guard, please visit the download center at:

In addition to these proactive solutions, Trend Micro recommends companies and home users install and ensure their security software is up to date – preferably that users utilize web reputation capabilities to block users from accessing sites hosting malicious code – like those used in the Google attack.

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