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Re-awarded as Microsoft MVP

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional     I received an email on Dec. 28th from the regional MVP Lead informing me that I’ve been re-awarded as Microsoft MVP again (January – December 2007).  It’s my 4th consecutive year award with Microsoft MVP Program.  I’m actually surprised to receive the early re-award notification because it is not the usual date to know the status but I’m *guessing* that the reason behind the early notification on the award status is the coming soon event for Microsoft MVPs called MVP Global Summit (March 12 – 15, 2007) in which Mr. Bill Gates will deliver the keynote.  The early notification will allow MVPs to prepare for the summit… I *guess*.  Whatever the reason, I’m happy for I’m re-awarded as Windows Security MVP.

Thanks to fellow MVPs, to the MVP Lead Cathy Lee (also to my former MVP Leads Melissa Travers, Jerry Bryant, Emily Freet), to the MVP Program management team for the support and benefit and to the whole team at Microsoft that makes MVPs experience with the program an exciting one.  Thanks also to the Product Groups at Microsoft for listening to the feedbacks that we are sending to them.  Thanks to MSDN Team for the susbcription.  Thanks to Ms. Susan Bradley for this blog page at her Thank you also to Calendar of Updates team and friends for the continous support in keeping users informed on security for PC and Internet.  Last but not the least, thanks to friends and team-mates at Gladiator Security Forums, CNET forums, Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals and its members and to software authors for great work in helping users and full support that I received on many incidents.  There are many more security forums to mention! but I better stop as it is going to be a long one ROFL.  We are all friends because we have same goal and that is to have a safe and enjoyable computing.



Dec. 27th at 3:45AM, my internet connection dropped.  I turned on/off the wifi catcher but still no luck in getting an internet connection.  Wifi manager also show I’m connected locally (to my router and networked computer).  I thought there is a problem with the wifi manager in Vista or maybe my modem or router.  I unplug everything but still no luck.

I gave up after 1 hour of troubleshooting [:D] and Iet the wifi manager, modem and router as on.  Then suddenly I have internet connection again.  Hhmm what’s that? I mean, what happened.  I was guessing that it is maybe a problem with the local ISP.  I went to the ISP website but no report on service interruption.  I tried visiting my forums at but nothing is loading.  I visit Microsoft website but no luck too. 

 I decided to try local sites (Asia sites) and I got no problem in browsing Asia’s websites.  Then I noticed the news about it at Malaysia’s news online The Star.  Taiwan was hit by an earthquake and it is the caused of damaged cables that many neighbouring countries are using to provide internet services.  After some hours, the local ISP here has the information about it.  They are aware of the issue and they are hoping to provide back links for us to use to see outside Asia sites. 

I keep trying and today, it seems OK now.  Sorry for those affected of the earthquake.  It’s sad that this stuff happens especially during holidays where family and friends want to be together to the holidays.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and to those who lost love ones.


Dear Windows Vista team, what’s the deal with my score?

I have 3.4 as base score in Windows Vista Experience Index Score (I can run AERO and Windows Switcher BTW).  Windows Update released updated NVIDIA graphics driver v7.15.10.9746 so I grabbed it.  Windows Vista’s score turned grey which means I need to refresh it.  I did. You changed my score from 3.4 to 3.3 – what’s the deal? [8-)]

 Screenshots at our discussion / survey on Index score at

Update/Edit:  3.4 base-score returned after restarting and running the assessment again [:D]

Application End-of-Life/End-of-Support Notices at Calendar of Updates

Calendar of Updates (CoU) forum and the calendar is not only about security updates, product upgrades’ notices but some news, discussion on updates (what work or what didn’t work as per user – when they hit “make a comment” button on the said update/upgrade entry or what is their “opinion” on the said updates)… we also have alerts on Security at our Security Alerts forum and some interesting articles on security.

I’m not writing the above to advertise my website but to share what one of CoU member’s question:  “Has there been discussion of extending the Calendar to include end-of-life / end-of-support notices for major apps? Just wondering…” (posted by member on Dec. 5, 2006)

The answer is… Calendar of Updates has that already.  I mean, we do that.  We have the above-mentioned title in Calendar of Updates.  Not all but we do try to notify our visitors on End-of-life/End-of-Support for some known and widely used applications.  Example entries we got and how it is presented to the visitors:

Dr.Web v4.32b & below end of support

End of Support: Windows 98, 98SE & ME – Discussion at

End of support: MBSA v1.2.1

End of support for Service Pack 1

ZoneLabs 98/98SE/Me Support Discontinued

Discontinued: AVG 7.1

End of Support: Plus! for Windows XP

End of Support: Windows Movie Maker 2.0

End of Support: Microsoft Java Virtual Machine

So why we think the above notices on applications’ end-of-life/end-of-support is important? Simply put.. it’s an important information that we need to let you know so you can ready your system for the said changes on the application and I ask you to come and help us inform the community [:)] by blogging, participating in the forums or any discussion board that allow such discussions or come and join CoU and start posting in the calendar or in the forums [:P]

BTW, in CoU, you can hit ‘Make Comment’ button while viewing the update entry to post your thoughts on the update e.g. how the update works for your system or ask something about the update on an application.  When you hit the said ‘Make a Comment’ button and posted a message, the message will be posted in our Updates Talk forum for everyone to read and respond (if any or require a response).