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America continues to spam the world

The United States remains the world’s biggest spammer, according to security firm Sophos, which today released its quarterly report on the world’s top spam-offending countries–dubbed the “Dirty Dozen”.

The United States came in streaks ahead of its rivals, being responsible for 28.4 percent of all spam. South Korea was second (5.2 percent), followed by China (4.9 percent), Russia (4.4 percent) and Brazil (3.7 percent).

Australia maintained its lowly ranking on the list at number 37.,39044215,62033796,00.htm

Spammers turn to web redirection to avoid detection

Spammers are ramping up their use of redirection techniques to try to get around many anti-spam filters, a security firm warned today.

The latest flurry started about 10am Tuesday morning and by 11am represented an estimated 4.3 per cent of the spam on the internet, according to anti-spam firm

The technique, most commonly found with pharmaceutical spam, sends a user to a web page and the user is then automatically redirected to another web page. This technique is specifically designed to get around databases of destination URLs that many anti-spam technologies rely upon.

“Spammers are constantly looking for solutions to avoid detection by anti-spam technologies so that they can reach more eyeballs.

How to combat SPAM and phishing out from your mailbox?

SPAM – junk, unwanted e-mails that are sent in HTML e-mail message, embedded with images and pictures that secretly send information to the sender (the Spammer) to confirm that your e-mail address is active (this means more SPAM is coming on your way).  SPAM are sent to large number of people to promote a product or service without the recipients approval (subscription).

PHISHING – spoofed e-mail message that is designed to convince the recipient to reveal personal or financial datas such as credit card number, username, password, social security number and others that will let them hijacked your account and steal your money or identity.

How to combat SPAM and PHISHING out from your mailbox?

You need to know how to handle SPAM if you will receive one. 

  • Do not click on any link from any SPAM e-mail message that you will receive because doing this will confirm to the sender that your e-mail address is active
  • Do not unsubscribe or click on “Remove Me“.  Again, you will only confirm to the sender that your e-mail address is active
  • Ignore and delete it as soon as you receive one
  • Do not buy anything from any unwanted SPAM e-mail message
  • Do not forward chain e-mail

There are many method in fighting SPAM:

  • Create your own message rules using your favorite e-mail program.  Sample message rules that can be made in Outlook Express are:

    1. Create a mail rule to delete any message from the server that does not contain the character @ in the From line. 

    2. Create a mail rule to delete any message from the server that does not contain the character @ in the To line

If you will create any mail rule, make sure to configure the Options available.  Example:  Select “Message does not contain the people below”

  • Organize your contacts by adding them in your Address Book will let Outlook Express filter which HTML e-mail messages are allowed