Anti-Virus Protection for WMF Flaw Still Inconsistent

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Days after the revelation of a flaw in Windows’ handling of WMF graphics files, dozens of exploits are being spread from thousands of adware sites. But good protection is available. At the same time, further testing confirms that a workaround issued by third parties and endorsed by Microsoft Corp. is effective in most regards, and […]

Microsoft Security Advisory Update (912840)

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Issued: December 30, 2005 Security Advisories Updated or Released Today * Security Advisory (912840)   – Title:    Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could               Allow Remote Code Execution.   – Web site:   – Reason For Update: Advisory updated. FAQ section updated. Support:Technical support resources can be found at:

Cyber Security Bulletin SB2005

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Cyber Security Bulletin 2005 Summary2005 Year-End Index Information in the US-CERT Cyber Security Bulletin is a compilation and includes information published by outside sources, so the information should not be considered the result of US-CERT analysis. Software vulnerabilities are categorized in the appropriate section reflecting the operating system on which the vulnerability was reported; however, […]

A Trojan Horse program that targets Google ads has been detected by an Indian Web publisher

1821 Comments Off reports that a new, deceptive Trojan Horse program has surfaced. The program is engineered to produce fake Google ads that are formatted to look like legitimate ones. The ads are incorporated in Google AdSense, the program that lets website owners display ads from Google’s list of advertisers. The Trojan Horse apparently downloads itself onto […]

Sony settles ‘rootkit’ class action lawsuit

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Sony BMG has struck a deal with the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit over copy-restriction software it used in music CDs, according to a settlement document filed at a New York court Wednesday. The record label has agreed to compensate buyers of CDs that contained the XCP and MediaMax DRM programs and to provide […]

Microsoft Security Advisory Notification – December 28, 2005

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Security Advisories Updated or Released Today * Security Advisory (912840)   – Title:    Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could               Allow Remote Code Execution.   – Web site: Support: Technical support resources can be found at:

Microsoft Windows Graphics Rendering Engine WMF Format Unspecified Code Execution Vulnerability

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Bugtraq ID: 16074 Class: Unknown CVE: CVE-MAP-NOMATCH Remote: Yes Local: Yes Published: Dec 28 2005 12:00AM Updated: Dec 28 2005 12:57AMMicrosoft Windows WMF graphics rendering engine is affected by a remote code execution vulnerability.The problem presents itself when a user views a malicious WMF formatted file, triggering the vulnerability when the engine attempts to parse […]

‘Leaked’ Windows Live Messenger Really A Trojan

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Helsinki-based F-Secure told users to ignore instant messages with the subject head “MSN Messenger 8 Working BETA” that go on to claim that “Messenger 8 BETA has been leaked!” The message, which refers to an alternate name for the upcoming Live Messenger, also sports a link. Users who click on the link, then download and […]

NSA spying broader than initially reported

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The National Security Agency (NSA) has collected large volumes of phone and Internet traffic that has crossed into or out of the United States in an eavesdropping program much more extensive than acknowledged by the Bush Administration, according to a New York Times article published on Friday. In what has been described as a large […]

Encryption: A nice idea that few want to implement?

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Companies are not embracing encryption as a way to protect sensitive data. According to Ponemon Institute’s 2005 National Encryption Survey, only 4.2% of companies responding to our survey say their organizations have an enterprisewide encryption plan.However, the study also reveals that encryption is viewed by many as an important security tool that enhances the IT […]

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