Don’t Call It Spyware

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Three years ago the company was considered a parasite and a scourge. Today it’s a rising star – selling virtually the same product. How a pop-up pariah won the adware wars. Back in 2002, Gator was one of the most reviled companies on the Net. Maker of a free app called eWallet, the firm was […]

Sony opens up over another CD security hole

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Sony has again been outed for including questionable software on its music CDs, after it emerged a security vulnerability in content protection software shipped on some of its disks could allow consumers’ PCs to be hijacked The consumer electronics and media giant, together with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said today that SunnComm had released a […]

Fortinet Reviews Malicious Code Activity During November 2005

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November, by the numbers: Top 10 threats caught by Fortinet’s FortiGate security appliances in November, 2005: 1 W32/Sober.AD-mm 24.72% 2 W32/Netsky.P-mm 6.73% 3 W32/MyTob.NA-mm 6.50% 4 Adware/BetterInternet 5.26% 5 HTML/Iframe_CID!exploit 3.29% 6 Download/Px 2.82% 7 HTML/MHTRedir.A-exploit 2.17% 8 W32/MyTob.fam-mm 1.62% 9 W32/MyTob.EK-mm 1.52% 10 W32/Zafi.B-mm 1.49% Fortinet

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