Symantec AntiVirus RAR Archive Decompression Buffer Overflow

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Description:Alex Wheeler has reported a vulnerability in Symantec AntiVirus, which potentially can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system. The vulnerability is caused due to a boundary error in Dec2Rar.dll when copying data based on the length field in the sub-block headers of a RAR archive. This can be exploited to cause […]

Hackers Break Into Computer-Security Firm’s Customer Database

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As reported by the Washington Post, Guidance Software — the leading provider of software used to diagnose hacker break-ins — has itself been hacked, resulting in the exposure of financial and personal data connected to thousands of law enforcement officials and network-security professionals. Guidance alerted customers to the incident in a letter sent last week, […]

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta Testers Report Problems After Patching

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Last week’s security update for Internet Explorer has left some users testing the beta of IE 7 with what Microsoft called “odd browser behavior,” the company acknowledged Friday. Users who had installed the beta of IE 7 alongside IE 6, then updated the latter with the patch provided Tuesday, Dec. 13, experienced browser “hangs,” blank […]

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