Trend Micro, CA Give Away Windows Vista AV

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As reported by Techweb, Security vendor Trend Micro on Wednesday followed the lead last week of a rival to launch a free Windows Vista version of its anti-virus software to protect users as they try out the new operating system.

Trojan ID Thieves Pose As Microsoft Patches

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A pair of Trojans posing as Microsoft patches or updates are on the loose, security firms said Tuesday. According to U.K.-based Sophos, the Trojan horse “BeastPWS-C” starts with a spoofed e-mail from Microsoft that claims a new vulnerability in the WinLogon Service is out and about. (WinLogon is the log-in service for Windows NT, 2000, […]

MPAA accused of hacking

1777 Comments Off, a BitTorrent search engine, has accused the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) of hacking its servers. The accusations came in a new legal suit filed last week.

Macro virus aims at OpenOffice, StarOffice

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An unknown virus writer has created the first macro virus that targets computers running the alternative word processors OpenOffice and StarOffice, antivirus firm Kaspersky Labs said on Tuesday. The virus, which Kaspersky called StarOffice.Stardust.A on its Viruslist blog, is written in StarBasic, a variant of the BASIC programming language designed for scripting common functions in […]

Web attacks on the rise – Acunetix appeals for web security auditing

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Web hacking attacks reported recently in the media have cost companies millions of dollars in fines, compensation and damage control measures. In a recent security workshop Acunetix CEO, Nick Galea, launched an appeal to companies with an online presence to improve and enforce web application security auditing.

Anti-DRM Campaign Heats Up

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Members of the Free Software Foundation are engaging in a campaign against Digital Rights Management, which they emphatically refer to as Digital Restrictions Management.

Security firm warns of Symantec AV flaw

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A flaw in the Symantec’s desktop antivirus for corporations could allow an attacker to compromise a victim’s system without relying on any user interaction, security firm eEye Digital Security said in an advisory posted this week. The security firm published an upcoming advisory on the vulnerability on Thursday, a day after notifying Symantec of the […]

UPDATE: Windows 2000 Bug Alert False Alarm

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A vulnerability in Windows 2000’s file sharing protocol that Symantec rang the alarm on Thursday morning is actually not a new bug, but is a flaw patched more than a year ago, Microsoft claimed later in the day.

Agency delayed reporting theft of veterans’ data

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Investigators in the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were furious with the leaders of the veterans agency for initially trying to handle the loss of the data as an internal problem through the agency’s inspector general before coming forward.

Black Frog leaps into fight against spam

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Blue Frog out, Black Frog in. Out of the ashes comes Black Frog, part of a project that is apparently willing to become a flag bearer in the fight against spam. The project, dubbed Okopipi, is developing the Black Frog antispam software and service as an open-source project, according to the group’s wiki. “This project […]

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