New Bot-Powered eBay Scam Uncovered

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Scammers are using bots to create bogus eBay accounts that boast trustworthy profiles in a new scheme to rip off buyers, a security company said Monday. The scam, said Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Fortinet, is a new twist on an old con where criminals set up bogus auctions, rake in the proceeds, and then scram, never intending […]

New threat from ‘suicide’ virus

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The latest threat to intellectual property comes in the shape of malicious software (malware) that is capable of infecting a computer, hiding itself until the user accesses specific files or Web sites–in order to steal files or passwords–and then deleting any trace of itself. ZDNet

eBay, PayPal Users Hit Hardest By Phishing

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Three out of every four phishing attacks target users of online auctioneer eBay and its electronic payment system PayPal, a security company said Thursday. Of the phishing e-mails captured so far in 2006 by U.K.-based Sophos’ network of spam traps — often called “honeypots” — 54.3 percent took aim at PayPal users and 20.9 percent […]

Response Speed Is Key with Stolen Laptops

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News Analysis: After a laptop goes missing, companies must rush to determine the severity of the incident based on the data involved, and decide who to call first for outside help. It’s the call that no IT manager wants to receive, but one that’s clearly ringing bells across the world of enterprise security: An employee’s […]

Yahoo! and Symantec Join Forces to Protect Consumers Online

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Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO), a leading global Internet company, and Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), the leading security software company, are partnering to offer Internet security services to hundreds of millions of Yahoo! and Symantec customers worldwide. Launching today, Norton Internet Security provided by Yahoo! is designed to give consumers the confidence to travel the Internet freely by […]

Microsoft to Push IE7 as an Automatic Update?

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Microsoft to push IE7 as an automatic update by ZDNet‘s Ed Bott — If you’re a Microsoft product manager and you want to make sure that the latest version of Internet Explorer gets on as many computers as possible, how do you handle the upgrade? Why not deliver it automatically? That’s the thought process behind […]

FAQ: JavaScript insecurities

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Web sites are becoming more interactive thanks to JavaScript, but the increased use of the decade-old scripting language is raising security questions. JavaScript is playing a major role in the Web 2.0 boom, which is causing a splash as it stretches the boundaries of what Web sites can do. But malicious JavaScript, especially in combination […]

The security risk in Web 2.0

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Web 2.0 is causing a splash as it stretches the boundaries of what Web sites can do. But in the rush to add features, security has become an afterthought, experts say. Story at

U.S. Army requires trusted computing

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The U.S. Army will open its second purchase period this year for small computers, requiring that all systems have specialized hardware designed to add strong data security to the system.Known as the Trusted Computing Platform, the hardware specification uses encryption and specialized memory to secure a computer’s data, allowing only the application that created a […]

Social-networking sites rife with wormable flaws

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An audit of two popular social-networking sites found a dozen wormable vulnerabilities in less than an hour, a researcher for antivirus firm F-Secure stated on Thursday. The company performed the research following three high-profile security incidents targeting popular social-networking site MySpace in the last year. Most recently, a banner ad on MySpace compromised almost 1.1 […]

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