Windows patch, iPod exploited in e-mail scams

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Fake Windows security patches and rogue iPod invoices have been making the rounds this week as spammers continue trying to fool people into installing Trojans on their PCs. Internet threat-monitoring firm Websense issued an advisory on Wednesday about a fake e-mail that encourages recipients to install a patch to fix a Windows vulnerability described in […]

Latest polymorphism hides viruses better

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A virus that infects AMD64-based Windows systems uses some tricky techniques to make defensive reverse engineering more difficult, security firm Symantec said this week. The virus, dubbed W64.Bounds, is not spreading in the wild, but was submitted as a proof of concept to antivirus researchers. The program is not easy to detect because it encrypts […]

Watchdog group warns against AOL’s free software

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Dealing yet another blow to AOL, a leading software watchdog group warned users away from AOL’s free client software Monday on the ground that it displayed characteristics consistent with “badware.” The term badware describes a wide array of downloadable applications that try to install extra components on a computer without clearly informing users of what […]

Most Damaging Attacks Rely On Stolen Log-ins

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More than 8 out of every 10 computer attacks against businesses could be stopped if enterprises checked the identity of not only the user, but also the machine logging onto its network, a report released Monday claimed. The study, conducted by a California research firm and paid for by BIOS maker Phoenix Technologies, used data […]

Security Vendors Mad About ‘Consumer Reports’ Test Methods

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Consumer Reports, the independent product review and rating publication, was slammed Friday for using what security experts called “mind-boggling” and “useless” tests of anti-spyware software in its current on-the-stand issue. “This is beyond anything I’ve ever seen,” said Alex Eckelberry, chief executive of Sunbelt Software, a Clearwater, Fla. security company. “They ran a test that […]

Verizon gaffe lets customer details slip

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Verizon Wireless this week accidentally distributed a file with limited details on more than 5,000 customers outside the company, potentially giving identity thieves a toehold. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file was e-mailed on Monday and includes names, e-mail addresses, cell phone numbers and cell phone models of 5,210 Verizon Wireless customers, going by a copy […]

The danger of "free"

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Searching for free stuff on the Internet? Beware what you find. That’s the message form Web safety firm SiteAdvisor. Building on a Wall Street Journal analysis of the 20 million search queries leaked by America Online that found “free” to be the most popular search term, SiteAdvisor warned that the results produced by such searches […]

IBM to acquire Internet Security Systems

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Big Blue agrees to buy the computer security firm for $1.3 billion in an all-cash deal, the fifth largest acquisition for the technology giant. Securityfocus

Microsoft Security Bulletin Minor Revision

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Issued: August 22, 2006 Summary The following bulletin has undergone a minor revision increment. Please see the appropriate bulletin for more details.   * MS06-042 Bulletin Information: * MS06-042    – Reason for Revision: Bulletin caveats updated with additional    information regarding the release status of revised Internet    Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 updates, as well […]

Yahoo adds phishing shield

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Yahoo is testing a new security feature that lets users customize their login page, a measure designed to thwart information-thieving phishing scams. The new feature lets users create a unique “sign-in seal” on a specific PC. This seal, a text message or photo, will be displayed on the Yahoo login page when visited with that […]

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