PayPal ‘Virtual Debit Card’ Beta Seeks to Eliminate ID Theft

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The PayPal division of eBay, which operates the Web’s most respected online payment voucher system, is beginning beta trials of a next-generation online payment system, in cooperation with MasterCard. Using what’s described as a virtual debit card, a customer will be able to make a PayPal-authorized purchase using a one-time number good only for that […]

Consumer Affairs Top 10 Scams of 2006

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1) Fake Lottery Scam2) Phishing-Vishing Scams3) Phony Job Scam4) Negative Option Scams5) Nigerian 419 Scams6) Pump and Dump Scam7) Bogus Fuel Saving Devices8) Grandparents Scam9) Oprah Ticket Scam10) craigslist Scam

Happy New Warezov

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From the labs of F-Secure: A new Warezov spam run is underway, using a “Happy New Year” postcard as its disguise. The attachment is named and the text of the message reads:    Hi, you’ve just received a postcard.      For: (your e-mail address)      From: —      Text: Happy New Year!      Postcard:   Click on attachment to view a postcard. When run, the […]

Novell NetMail IMAPD subscribe Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

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Remote exploitation of a buffer overflow vulnerability in Novell Inc.’s NetMail IMAP daemon allows authenticated attackers to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the underlying user. Once logged in, attackers can execute the “subscribe” command with an overly long argument string to overflow a stack based buffer. iDefense Labs 

McAfee: Threats get small

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The days of big virus outbreaks like MyDoom, Melissa and SQL Slammer are gone, said Joe Telafici, director of operations for McAfee Inc.’s Avert Labs. Telafici was speaking at the recent AVAR (Association of Antivirus Asia Researchers) conference, which was held in Auckland. Today’s cyber criminals don’t want to draw attention to themselves as the […]

Symantec: Another Surge In Worm Scanning For Unpatched AV Software

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Symantec said Friday that it had detected another surge in scans for a port associated with a worm that’s been sniffing for vulnerable software made by the Cupertino, Calif., security company, and warned users to patch immediately in case the malicious code morphs into something more dangerous. Sensors monitored by Symantec’s DeepSight threat management service […]

Spam Project Pulls Plug

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Anti-spam blacklist service, The Open Relay Database (ORDB), has pulled the plug after five and a half years because of spammers’ growing sophistication. ORDB was designed to deal with a technique in which spammers used SMTP proxy servers to flood the internet with junk email. The project distributed a blacklist of mail servers that allowed […]

Kaspersky Lab’s Secret Sauce Uses ‘Woodpeckers’

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“We’re losing this game with computer criminals. There are just too many criminals active on the Internet underground, in China, in Latin America, right here in Russia. We have to work all day and all night just to keep up,” Kaspersky said in an interview with eWEEK during an international press tour of his company’s […]

Mozilla issues security updates

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The Mozilla Foundation has issued “critical” security updates to vulnerabilities discovered in the Firefox browser, Thunderbird e-mail client and SeaMonkey application suite. Flaws were found in versions of the open-source software prior to both Firefox and Firefox, as well as prior to Thunderbird and SeaMonkey 1.0.7, Mozilla said Tuesday. The vulnerabilities could […]

Kaspersky: Malware quality drops, quantity rises

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They just don’t make malware like they used to. Or at least like they did earlier this year. Even low-quality malware, however, is taxing the resources of security companies, since it is being detected in ever-higher numbers. Over the last six months, the technical creativity of malware has fallen along with the ability to cause […]

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