“Computer users should keep a wary eye on any romantic messages
received by e-mail, as many of them could contain malicious code,” said
US security firm PandaLabs after detecting an increase in a worm it
dubbed Nurech.A.

The worm hides in e-mails with subjects like: “Together You and I,” “Til the End of Time Heart of Mine.”

People who open an attached file such as postcard.exe can end up infecting their computers.

Security firm Symantec said it had detected “large-scale spamming”
of e-mails including a Trojan horse, a program that contains or
installs a malicious program.

Symantec said the malware was a new version of Trojan.Peacomm or the “Storm Trojan.”

“With Valentine’s Day approaching, this time around the authors are
attempting to tug on the heartstrings of unsuspecting users with
romantic subject lines such as ‘My Heart belongs to you,’ said
Symantec’s Orla Cox.