Spammers Hijacking Legit Sites To Hide Their Tracks

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Spammers are hijacking legitimate Web sites to disguise their traffic and throw off anti-spam and anti-virus filters. Security company Sophos, Inc. issued an advisory Thursday morning, warning IT managers and Web masters that spammers have a new trick up their sleeves. Using PHP vulnerabilities, they are hacking into various Web sites and patching their own […]

Microsoft Security Advisory Notification – March 29, 2007

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Issued: March 29, 2007 Security Advisories Updated or Released Today  * Microsoft Security Advisory (935423)  – Title: Vulnerability in Windows Animated Cursor Handling  – Revision Note: Advisory revised to add additional information    regarding Outlook 2007 in the Mitigations Section. The    Workarounds Section also updated to clarify impact and use of    plain text email on Windows […]

StarOffice Two Vulnerabilities

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Description:Sun Microsystems has acknowledged some vulnerabilities in StarOffice, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user’s system. For more information: SA24588 The vulnerabilities affect StarOffice / StarSuite versions 6, 7, and 8. Solution:Do not open untrusted documents. The vendor is currently working on fixes. 

Hundreds Of Gmail, Yahoo, MSN Passwords Exposed By Entertainment Web Site

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A Los Angeles publisher of online lifestyle and entertainment magazines has inadvertently exposed the personal e-mail addresses and passwords for hundreds of its subscribers, InformationWeek has learned. The victims are all members of sites operated by Splash Magazines Worldwide, which publishes local versions of its magazines under URLs like and The list of […]

Mozilla: security researchers have too much power

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Mozilla’s security chief has stepped into the debate about the disclosure of security bugs by saying that software developers are at the mercy of bug hunters. Mozilla security chief Window Snyder called on security researchers to follow responsible disclosure guidelines, giving vendors a reasonable amount of time to fix bugs before making them public. As […]

Attackers Target Gamers with Spyware

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Online players of the video game Omerta have more than the rival gangsters in the computer game to worry about. According to anti-spyware vendor Sunbelt Software, of Clearwater, Fla., cyber-thieves have been spreading spyware disguised as software from Omerta Game Ltd. Sunbelt Software President Alex Eckelberry warned users to be wary of any software for […]

All hail the Java-based x86 emulator

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Researchers at Oxford have built an x86 emulator that runs purely on Java, making it ideal for security researchers who want to analyze and archive viruses, host honeypots and defend themselves against buggy or malicious software without hosing their machines. The JPC also emulates a host of other environments, giving technophiles the ability to play […]

New Warezov spreading via Skype

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Websense Security LabsTM has discovered a new set of the Warezov/Stration malicious code. This new code is currently spreading through the Skype network. Although the code itself is not self-propagating, when it runs, a URL is sent to all users within the user’s Contacts List. This attack appears to be the same as the version mentioned on the […]

Mozilla fixes single Firefox flaw

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Mozilla Corp. yesterday took the unusual step of patching a single vulnerability in its Firefox browser, but it will resume regular multiple-fix security updates with the next release, which is slated to debut before April 24. Firefox and Firefox — Mozilla currently supports two branches of the open-source application — both fix a […]

Are secure connections really that secure?

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The little lock icon that appears on a Web browser window frame when a secure connection exists between a browser and a Web server may be lulling users into a false sense of security. The reality is that secure connections, in which data is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology before being transmitted over […]

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