Mozilla Corp. will issue the last security update for its open-source Firefox 1.5
browser today (Wednesday). It will include an automatic update
mechanism to give users the option of upgrading to the newer Firefox

“The upgrade offer will be enabled within in a few weeks,” said Mozilla in a blog on its developer center.

The long-anticipated end to Firefox 1.5 support was originally slated for April 24, but last month Mozilla pushed back
the drop-dead date, saying it needed more time to craft the auto
updater. When Mozilla triggers what it’s called “Major Updates,” users
will be offered an in-place upgrade to Firefox 2.0, which they decline
if they wish. Users can also permanently suppress the upgrade message
so it never again appears.

Today’s Firefox will be the final security patch for the
18-month-old browser. Also due for delivery is Firefox Both,
Mozilla said, are “standard stability and security updates.”

Firefox will be posted here, while Firefox will be available from this page of the Mozilla site. A list of the vulnerabilities patched by both updates will be posted sometime after and go live.