Hackers Take Over MySpace Pages To Build Bots

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Internet Storm Center researchers are warning users that drive-by exploits have been embedded in a few dozen legitimate MySpace pages. Johannes Ullrich, chief technology officer with the Internet Storm Center, told InformationWeek that the malicious code that’s embedded in the Web pages installs the FluxBot, a dangerous new bot. Since the bot doesn’t have a […]

Don’t download Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-0065!

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Malicious spam posing as fake vulnerability patch leads to Trojan horse infection Experts at Sophos, a world leader in IT security and control, have warned of a widespread attempt to infect email users by sending them a warning about a bogus Microsoft security patch. The emails, which have the subject line “Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-0065″ […]

DOJ warns U.S. citizens of phishing attack

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The Department of Justice (DoJ) is alerting e-mail users about a possible phishing attack using messages that claim to be from the DoJ. In a news release Thursday, the DoJ said the e-mails may have the subject field or be addressed “Dear Citizen.” It also said the messages may refer to a fraudulent U.S. Internal […]

Apple Mac OS X Security Update for Two Vulnerabilities

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Description:Apple has issued a security update for Mac OS X, which fixes two vulnerabilities. 1) An invalid type conversion when rendering frame sets in WebKit can be exploited to corrupt memory and can be exploited to execute arbitrary code when a user visits a malicious website. 2) An input validation error in the processing of […]

Anti-Spyware Coalition Announces Third Public Workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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The ASC will host its third Public Workshop June 27, 2007, at Harvard University Law School, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The ASC is currently accepting speaker suggestions, and registration for the event is open.  A copy of the agenda is also available.

Fake Adobe Shockwave Player download page

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The SANS Internet Storm Center reports of a fake shockwave player download page.  Quote  When visited, the web page in question (a game site related to RuneScape) shows couple of broken icons and all links just point to another web page that conveniently inform the user that his version of Macromedia Flash Player needs to […]

Cyber Attack Hits Pentagon

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The Defense Department took as many as 1,500 computers off line because of a cyber attack, Pentagon officials said Thursday. Few details were released about the attack, which happened Wednesday, but Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the computer systems would be working again soon. Gates said the Pentagon sees hundreds of attacks a day, and […]

Trillian critical security update released

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Cerulean Studios on Monday released a “highly critical” security update for its Trillian multi-protocol chat software. Attackers could exploit vulnerabilities in the character encoding for Trillian–specifically, the word-wrapping handling of UTF-8, the Unicode Transformation Format used for encoding characters in e-mail, instant messages and Web pages, iDefense Labs warned in its security advisory. The […]

Amero case spawns effort to educate

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A group of security professionals, legal experts and educators who helped former Connecticut substitute teacher Julie Amero overturn a conviction on charges of exposing her students to pornographic pop-up ads has formed a permanent organization that aims to educate the courts and legislators about technology, crime and digital forensics. Taking the name of the person […]

Mpack attack infects PCs on massive scale

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A malware distribution and attack kit sold commercially through underground channels on the Internet has compromised hundreds of thousands of systems in the past six months, including an epidemic of infections that hit Italian Web servers this past weekend, according to security and antivirus firms. Known as Mpack, the kit consists of commercial-grade software components […]

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