Developer Cabana Event in Boston October 6th

OK – I promise – there will be NO Barry Manilow music playing at this event… 😉

ca·ban·a also ca·ba·ña

– A shelter on a beach or at a swimming pool used as a bathhouse.

– A cabin or hut.

– A place to talk technology

– A place to give and get expert advice

– A community based project

Cabanas were a hit at TechEd 2004 and now they’re coming to Boston! That’s right, community based technical discussions with experts. Bring you questions, your expertise, and even code on a laptop. Every question is fair game. The cabana is the place to have discussions with experts and other developers on .NET topics of your choice. One-on-one, in a small group or whatever. No pre-canned demos or slide shows allowed. The Boston Cabana is a quarterly event not to be missed. Got a question? Got a problem? Got an idea? This is the place. Stayed tuned for the list of peers and experts that are planning on attending!

I can tell you at this point that one of the many “cabana rooms” set up for this event will be focused on mobility, and I will definitely be there.

You can register online for this event at the Microsoft Events web site.

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