Developer Cabana Night In Waltham (October 6th) Is Shaping Up Quite Nicely

In his lastest weblog post, Thom Robbins has posted a list of just some of the people who will be present at the upcoming Developer Cabana Night at the Microsoft – Waltham offices on October 6th from 6:00 to 10:00 PM.

The list includes –

Chris Bowen

Carl Franklin

Robert Hurlbut

Patrick Hynds

Duane Laflotte

Jesse Liberty

Chris Pels

Richard Hale Shaw

Don Sorcinelli

Pat Tormey

Yes, that’s my name you see there. It should be in very small font type, espcially when compared to the people it is listed with 😉

I will be leading the discussions in the “Mobile Application Development” room that evening. Remember – this is a “NO SEMINAR ZONE”, so there will be no canned Powerpoint presentations.

If you have not yet registered for the Developer Cabana Night, you can do so at the Microsoft Events web site. In addition, if you have a question you would like to pose to the “experts” in advance of the event, you can do so by sending the question to

I look forward to see you there!

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