My Executive Circle Webcasts Now Available On Demand

I just checked to confirm that my two Executive Circle webcasts (delivered on November 16th) are listed on the Microsoft “On-Demand” webcasts page. They are –

Increasing Competitive Advantage with Windows Mobile Solutions (30 minutes)

Effectively Deploying Windows Mobile Solutions to Employees and Customers (60 Minutes)

The former presentation is targeted towards Business Decision-Makers, while the latter is targeted at Technical Decision-Makers.

Upcoming Presentations – New England Visual Basic Professional User Group and MSDN Webcast

I thought I would pass along the word on a couple of upcoming “appearances” that I will be making in the coming weeks –

  • I will be presenting at the New England Visual Basic Professionals User Group meeting on “.NET Compact Framework Programming with VB.NET” on Thursday, December 2nd.
    You can check out the VB Pro User Group web site (see link above) for all of the particulars. A special thanks goes to Andrew Novick of Novick Software for seeking me out and offering me the opportunity to speak on this subject.
  • I will be delivering an MSDN Webcast entitled “.NET Compact Framework Tips & Tricks” on January 12th. I currently do not the event particulars (time, event registration URL); as soon as they are available, I will post them up.


W3C Focuses On The “Mobile Web”

I happened to come across a Computerworld article today discussing a possible new venture from the World Wide Web Consortium (“W3C”) relating to mobile devices and the Internet –

“The World Wide Web Consortium is considering a new effort called the W3C Mobile Web Initiative that will seek to make Web access from mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs as simple, easy and convenient as desktop Web access.

The W3C made the announcement at a two-day Mobile Web Initiative workshop that began Thursday in Barcelona, Spain. It was organized to help efforts to improve Web-surfing capabilities of handheld devices.”

While there have been other efforts in recent months and years aimed at this same goal, this is the first time I can truly endorse such an effort. The reason –

“Ideas include developing best practices, providing support infrastructures for mobile developers, organizing training programs for Web content providers and creating validation and conformance testing services for Web access from mobile devices, the W3C said.”

This is a significant departure from past “initiatives” that were mainly put together by industry groups and corporations with very bias agendas (usually resulting in the push towards getting their proprietary implementations to be implemented as a “standard”). For once, we are seeing an effort that is focusing on the real heart of the issue.

Those who know me and have followed my writings at over time or heard me speak on this subject know my position on this topic quite well. My argument has been for quite some time that new technologies are not the solution to “mobile-friendly” web experiences. Instead, using today’s technologies *correctly* and actually implementing them is the key to widespread success.

The current crop of mobile devices (not just limited to the Windows Mobile platform) have been able to render HTML. While it may be a subset of HTML, it has still been enough for web developers to create robust web sites optimized for mobile use. I can refer you to any of a number of web sites, including the Mobile Edition (written almost 2 years ago) and supporting a mobile version of an entire online community as one such example. I personally know of any other number of web sites that have had the functionality in place for an incredibly long period of time.

The major problem (as I see it) exists in two forms –

  • Those web sites that do not understand the technical or business value of providing mobile-friendly access;
  • Those web sites that do not feel it is worth the effort or is just a “fad”.

For those in the first camp, education surrounding the current state of the business regarding the benefits (and relatively low cost) for implementing mobile-friendly solutions might just open some eyes. For those in the second camp, that same education would possibly help. I do think, however, that just like the COBAL programmer who still considers other development languages as “fads” (I actually have come across them over the years), this group may be a hard sell.

By promoting education and awareness, helping to encourage better infrastructure support and endorsing best practices for development (based on current technologies rather than creating entirely new ones), the W3C Mobile Web Initiative will likely better serve the mobile web user than any other efforts over the past couple of years. I sincerely hope that this initiative becomes reality and is not turned into yet another “my technology is better than yours” catfight by businesses with only their vested interests in mind.

Mini Code Camp Coming to Boston in January!

OK, I’ve been a bit busy lately. As a result, I have been a bit remiss in not posting more frequently to the blog. I may have been gone, but I hopefully have not been forgotten. Anyone out there? 😉

One of the items that slipped through the e-mail cracks was from our buddy Thom Robbins. Thom e-mailed to let me know that there will be a very special one-day Mini Code Camp coming up here in Boston in January. This looks very, very good –

Mini Code Camp

Special Edition – VB.NET

Registration Open

Date: Sunday January 23
Time: 8:30AM -5:00PM

Location: Microsoft New England District Office

              201 Jones Road, 6th floor
              Waltham Weston Corporate Center Waltham, Massachusetts 02451


Join us for a Special Edition of Code Camp presented exclusively by our own Carl Franklin. This one day Mini Code Camp is focused entirely on VB.NET. The morning starts with a review of the fundamentals and the rest of the day expands on that to build a fully functional application that you can take with you! Come and learn best practices, coding techniques, database access, object oriented techniques and more for the VB.NET developer.


As always, the Code Camp Series represents the best technical content of the local developer community. Code Camp’s are always free and guaranteed to be the most fun that you can have anywhere!