Microsoft Executive Circle Webcast: Extending Applications to the Edge with the Windows Mobile Platform

I must admit that I was a bit surprised to open my latest Microsoft Windows Mobile News e-mail o­n Friday and discover my next Microsoft Executive Circle Webcast marketed amongst the content. Heck – I hadn’t even had a chance to mention it here yet 😉

Microsoft Executive Circle Webcast: Extending Applications to the Edge with the Windows Mobile Platform    

Start Time:   Thursday, April 14, 2005 11:00 AM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) 
End Time:   Thursday, April 14, 2005 11:30 AM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)  

Event Description 
Products: Pocket PC. 
Recommended Audience: Business Decision Maker.
Language: English-American
In an increasingly competitive business world, providing real-time information and access from enterprise systems to remote workers is often essential to success. There are a number of challenges to empowering your employees and customers o­n the edge of your computing infrastructure, but there are answers to these challenges.
Join us for a presentation focusing o­n how the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform can enable your organization to successfully extend enterprise systems, data and processes to your highly mobile workforce and help gain a competitive advantage.

Don Sorcinelli, Editor-In-Chief,; Microsoft MVP

If you are interested in this event, you can sign up at the MS Events home.

My Code Camp III Presentations Now Available for Download

As promised, my presentations (and sample code) from my two presentations at Code Camp III: The Madness! this past weekend in Waltham, MA are now available for download from the web site.


Code Camp III: WOW!

I’m a little behind in following up on this past weekend’s Code Camp II: The Madness! event in Waltham, MA. If I had to use one word to describe the event, it is WOW. There are a lot of kudos that should go out:

  • Special congratulations and “thank-yous” to Thom Robbins, Joe Stagner and everyone at Microsoft for (once again) pulling together and pulling off a great event. While Code Camps are a “community-centric” event, the effort these folks all put forth here in New England continue to make these particular Code Camps not only the originators, but the leaders.
  • Speaking of community – congrats and thanks go to everyone who presented at this event. The true spirit of volunteerism behind the Code Camps is embodied by these folks who take the time to prepare for and then deliver all of the great content.
  • To all the attendees (the hundreds of you) – here’s to you for showing up in spite of the less-than-ideal weather conditions. As a presenter, there is little that is more rewarding than the feeling that you value this event by coming out over a weekend (and during a snowstorm) to actually attend a session.

I really enjoyed getting to meet some new faces, as well as seeing some familiar ones. I will be posting my slides and code later today, and will post an update as soon as they are available.

Great job, everyone! Thanks for making Code Camp III a personally memorable event.

Why I Believe The PDA Won’t Die

Last week, fellow’er and friend Steve Hughes posted his thoughts on a c|net article by Molly Wood entitled “Molly to handhelds: just die, already”. Steve and I have had this conversation for about as long as I’ve known him, and I have found myself addressing this issue since shortly after the birth of the “modern-day” PDAs in the mid-‘90s.

I believe that, as Steve says, Molly doesn’t get it. I also think that Steve does get it. The problem with Molly and so many others who follow and report on technology is their clearly myopic view of concepts and implementations. They view what they see before them today (the implementation) as the concept. These are two entirely different things.

The overarching technical concept of a PDA is to be a Personal Digital Assistant (yes – that is what the acronym stands for). How it is implemented evolves over time. Just look back at those cute little Casio and Sharp “digital organizers” of over a decade ago. They were PDAs, like it or not, based on the concept of a PDA. Ten years have passed, and we have seen the evolution of the technology concept of a PDA transform implementations over and over again. If I were to apply Molly’s myopic view of things to the marketplace in 1995, then the death of the OZ spelled the death of the PDA 😉

Certainly, the technological implementations of PDAs will continue to evolve, with new features and functionalities. Does this mean that the converged device of the future cannot be a PDA, simply because it is not today’s perception? Of course not. The concept of a Personal Digital Assistant and its value in any of a number of use cases will always exist. How manufacturers and technology implement solutions to meet these needs may change, but as long as demand exists (and it certainly does) there will be solutions.

As an aside – when will the analysts (who do get paid to provide insight) finally actually research the devices they are reporting on when it comes to statistics. Molly (and everyone else, it sometimes seems) is basing their PDA “death knell” on declining sales of certain devices. On the other hand, they also report that sales of smartphones are on the rise. HELLO!?!?! Try crunching the numbers AND combining handheld PDAs and phone-based PDAs (which is what a Smartphone essentially is) and see what you get.

One last note – did I mention that how, based upon recent sales numbers, the home computer is destined to die? 😉

Boston .NET Presentation: Sldes and Sample Code Now Available for Download

I have posted my Powerpoint slides (in Adobe Acrobat format) and C# example project from last night’s Boston .NET User Group presentation, entitled “Data Management with Windows Mobile” , over on the web site in a single ZIP file.

Thanks go to Chris Pels for giving me the opportunity to speak to the group, as well as everyone in attendance for making the event very enjoyable. It was nice to see and meet so many new faces, as well as a few familiar ones.