OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework Version 1.4 Now Available

The latest release of the most excellent (see what watching Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure for the first time in years does to you?) OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework is now available for download. Here is a quick list of changes, thanks to the equally most excellent blog of Chris Tacke (an SDF contributor and Microsoft MVP):

  • Bluetooth support added
  • Serial.GPS mods to standardize naming
  • Diagnostics.DebugMessage and RetailMessage
  • Bug fixes in TimeZoneCollection and DateTimeEx
  • Bug Fix in XmlSerializer for GUIDs
  • EventWaitHandle.WaitOne bug fix
  • Additions and fixes for AccessPoint and Adapter classes
  • Bug fix in StreamInterfaceDriver.DeviceIoControl
  • ThreadEx.RealTimePrioority added
  • Updated BatteryLife designer
  • Updated DateTimePicker Designer
  • Fixes and Updates to Win32Window
  • ApplicationEx fix for modal Forms and thread safety added
  • FTP bug fixes
  • ControlEx added support for WM_COMMAND
  • DeviceMonitor adds RequestDeviceNotifications
  • SelectedIndexChanged fix in ComboBoxEx
  • WS and WS_EX updated to remove unsupported styles
  • At the risk of repeating myself, I cannot emphasize enough what a valuable set of tools the Smart Device Framework provides for any Windows Mobile developer. If you have not yet downloaded the SDF, then – what are you waiting for?!? 😉

    In The Hand Ltd Releases WindowsMobile In The Hand

    While Windows Mobile 5.0 introduces and exposes some great new functionality to Visual Studio 2005 developers through the new WindowsMobile namespace, one sad limitation is that the new classes in this space (which include managed access to the Pocket Outlook API) are only available for Compact Framework projects that target a Windows Mobile 5.0 device. Fortunately, Microsoft MVP Peter Foot and In The Hand Ltd have created a solution in WindowsMobile In The Hand

     In The Hand Ltd, a leading developer of managed code APIs for mobile devices, today announced that WindowsMobile In The Hand v1.7, a suite of libraries for Windows Mobile development, is now available.

    This suite builds upon the PocketOutlook library and incorporates further managed APIs designed to improve developer productivity while providing forwards compatibility with the new Microsoft Windows Mobile v5.0 managed APIs. Alongside previous Pocket Outlook functionality, this new suite contains Email, Sms, Telephony and Configuration support.

    The Community Edition contains a subset of the functionality and is provided for evaluation and non-commercial use. The Professional Edition contains the full functionality, locally installed help content and royalty free redistribution of the runtime dlls. The Professional Edition can be purchased for $49.99 per developer seat. Further details are available at

    Congratulations, Peter, on a job well done (once again)!