Introducing… The Windows Mobile Developer Virtual User Group!

As many people out there may already know, I have at various times tried to get a Windows Mobile Developer User Group going in the Boston area. The difficulties have usually been two-fold:

  • This is a very focused type of user group, so attendence for one geographic region tends to be small by nature;

  • Since most Windows Mobile developers also work with other technologies and user groups, a “competing for the user group dollar” tends to exist.

After conversations with a number of people, I have decided to try to overcome both issues with one felled swoop. So –

The Windows Mobile Developer Virtual User Group (“WMDVUG”) is intended for individuals focusing on developing software for Windows Mobile devices. This includes connected applications using ASP.NET and rich client applications using the .NET Compact Framework and/or eMbedded Visual C++. Our meetings will be held live via Microsoft Live Meeting every other 3rd Wednesday of the month from 12 Noon – 2 PM EDT/EST.

Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 19th from 12 – 2 PM EDT. Once information on registering for the meeting becomes available, I will pass it along. In addition, we are in the process of putting together the first agenda. Once again, I will pass along updates.

I am extremely excited about the potential for this medium to reach a large audience beyond the geographic confines of the Boston/New England region. I look forward to seeing you online soon!