Visual Studio 2005 will support .NET 1.X

In my previous post , i mentioned that what are the issues that stops Whidbey team to target 1.x and reasons for that. But here is something good news !!!. In an effort to support 1.x, Microsoft MsBuild team will be targetting 1.x. Project name is MSBee, which stands for MSBuild Everett Environment. For more details, look out for the same in some MSDN blogs.. Everett was the code name for Visual Studio 2003. Though the release date of the same has not been fixed, but still hoping to get it released by june, 2006 something with the release of longhorn 🙂

Visual studio 2005 targets only one versions

After the release of VS.NET 2005, I was always having a thought about why this new versions doesn’t supports .NET 1.x. After a lot of reasearch and interacts with microsoft newsgroups,  i had found something reasonable. I had a talk with Microsoft team guys about it and what they provide me was some links pointing to few blogs. One of them which i found really fascinating was

look at the blog and got your answer why VS.NET 8 targets only 1 version. I am also looking forward from the answers from other building team in MS and would be certainly posting it soon.

Was Web Services the first SOA Implementation

That’s sounds really great to hear the music of SOA prevailing all around with the WCF.I would like to mention here is that SOA and WCF are two different things. Many of us are of false impression that SOA and WCF are the two phases of the same coin.SOA are another guidelines of implementing the distributed apps. It is a design guideliness and helps us to get benefited from the past bitter experiences and WCF is the practical implementation of SOA.We always says that we are selling Services through SOA. So what’s the difference between web services and services of SOA? Of course it’s quiet debating that web services are the first step to achieve SOA implementation. But are web services practically implementing the so called four tenets of SOA. First of all, web services are only invoked through HTTP which makes it tightly coupled with the HTTP transport protocol. Though it has been a bit changes after WSE 2.0. What about the communication techniques in ASMX? It has only one i.e. request/response. WCF on the other hand implements all the four tenets of SOA. With Unification of distributed technologies that are prevailing till now. SOA has a messaging protocol as SOAP but the communication techniques can be duplex, simplex and even request response. I often heard that services needs to be asynchronous to be scalable but we also can’t deny the fact that applications do requires immediate response. Nevertheless, if we say that web services was the first step for implementing SOA , I do feel to shout about its negligence of practically implementing the autonomous tenet of Service Orientation.