MsBuild – Part 1

MSBuild – Part 1

From today, i will starting the tutorial on new tools available with .NET
Framework 2.0. so lets have some overview of MsBuild.

Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) is a tool to compile and build a Visual Studio (VS) .NET project without using the VS .NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The various open-source build tools include Build .NET, .NET Another Neat Tool (NAnt) etc

This tool enables you to customize the build process according to your requirements. For example, you can include functions, such as labeling builds and retrieving the latest versions of projects, from a source code control provider, such as Visual Source Safe, into the build process.

The MSBuild tool provides an execution engine, which builds and executes MSBuild project files. The MSBuild project file is an XML-based file that contains information about compiling .NET projects. The execution engine also synchronously runs all the tasks defined in MSBuild project files.

To be continued

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