Offline links for WCF webcasts

I am back on the blog and to all the people who are intrested in viewing the offline view of my webcasts that i delivered last week for Microsoft India, here are the link

1. Beginning on WCF
2. Securing services with WCF
3. Programming with WCF
4. Understanding endpoints with WCF
5. Implemention Service Oriented architecture by WCF

It was quite nice to get in touch with lot of passionate developers,who have some familiar and unfamilaiar questions about WCF.

Webcasts on Windows Communication Foundation

I will be delivering webcast series on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) this month. The webcasts are schedule back to back from 26th march – 30th March 2007 from 4 PM to 5 PM IST

26th – Beginning with WCF
27th – Implementing Service Oriented Architecture through WCF
28th – Understanding Endpoints with WCF
29th – Programming with WCF
30th – Securing services with WCF

All the 5 webcasts are open for registrations on Microsoft site

hope to see many of the blog readers online 🙂