Have a look on the Microsoft new computing Device…

Have a look on the Microsoft new computing Device called “Surface” aka Project code “Milan”. The surface is more kind of PC that runs Vista in the back but rather than working with keyboard and mouse, it works on a touch-sensitive display. image to your right is Bill Gates talks with TODAY tech editor Paul Hochman while demonstrating his company’s new computing device, Surface. I am sure that few years down the line, this news inventions gonna change the way people perceive the PC. Its just a wait and watch situation for us

No TechEd 2007 this time in India, TechMela Aka TechED 2007

On 28th April, I have blogged a post about TechEd 2007 dates in which i mention about the techEd, happening in Mumbai from June 13. To know more about that posts, click Here .To get more curious, one of the bad news is that this time, there will be no Tech Ed 2007 across cities in India. The TechEd has been wrapped with a new name called TechMela and this TechMela is happening in only one location in India i.e. Mumbai. It seems Microsoft have done it to make the TechMela a huge success and to bring the Indian IT mass in one location. This TechMela is divided into 2 zones.

1. for Business Users, its on 13th June
2. for Technology users, its on 14,15and 16th June

Click here to register for TechMela

Not sure, if its going to be a good success. For the people, who are living in other locations apart from mumbai, there is something good. Well not good as TechEd alias TechMela, Just keep an eye on my blog. I am going to blog it soon !!!