Visual Studio 2008 targets Multiple Frameworks

Way back in Year 2005, i had blogged on why Visual Studio 2005 doesn’t target .NET 1.x(if you missed it to read, click here). The problem is overcomed by Visual Studio 2008 aka ORCAS. Expected to be released in feb , 2008, Orcas is having an ample set of features to talk about apart from LINQ , which is one of the most awaited feature. So we have new things line up in areas of WF, WCF and many more and i would be blogging more on these areas as and when time permits. One of the most exciting feature that i came about is multi-targetting feature of Visual Studio 2008. what it means is that by Default, Visual Studio 2008 target .NET framework 3.5 but you can also get an opportunity to create projects targeting .NET 1.x, 2.0 and .NET 3.0 as well which was never been supported by any Visual Studio IDE. well now below are the ways by which you can change the target framework for the specific projects in Visual Studio 2008

1. when you create a Visual studio 2008 project, the option is available on the top right corner to select the version

2. You can also go on Project Properties — > Application tab — > set the target framework

Isn’t this awsome feature.

Port Sharing Features in WCF

HTTP with Port 80 allows to share Port 80 with multiple web applications. If you want other TCP ports to be shared by multiple applications, there is not an easy way to achieve the same. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) allows multiple application to share the same TCP port. I had written an article on the same as how WCF enable a TCP port to be shared by multiple applications

Please have a look on Port sharing feature of WCF

Now comes MSCD

Recently Microsoft havce recently launched its new product called Microsoft Secure Content Downloader (MSCD)which is based on Bittorrent and is used to download the Microsoft content securely. one of the limitation of the MCSD is that it cannot cross firewalls so presently , though it is in testing phase, this might be for only end users who are not behind firewalls. Also MCSD downloads limited Microsoft products like Visual Studio 2008, soon we might be able to see it for large downloads if this is been a success 🙂 .. cool, so now if you are like me and wants to play with the new MCSD, Click Here to download the New MCSD