Crystal Reports in VS2010- Where is it ?

Crystal Reports has been integral part of Visual Studio since 1993. I believe the first time, Microsoft introduces Crystal reports with Visual Studio was with VB 2. Now, with VS2010, Crystal Reports are not integral part of VS 2010 any more.

Well, Not to worry.. Crystal Reports will be separately available as download from Sap. Yesterday, beta version is launched and can be downloaded by clicking here. The good part and as I read the article from Sap Networks here is that Crystal reports will always be available as a free download. The actual product is expetced on Q3 2010.

Silverlight 4 release on Feb 13

Remember Feb 13, 2007… Silverlight went public for the first time and yeah, here post 3 yrs later at Feb 13,2010, Silverlight 4 got released… This seems to be a intresting fact isn’t it .. 🙂 .. There are lots and lots of capabilities coming on Silverlight 4 . The RIAs support seems to be increasing in Silverlight on their every release.. So if you would like to know what’s new in Silverlight 4, click here
Silverlight 4 application requires VS 2010 as an IDE. I would be blogging more on Sharepoint 2010 , VS 2010, Silverlight 4 and few more upcoming Tech.. in coming day and will talk about specific features of each of them..