LinkedIn Group for Windows Communication Foundation

LinkedIn is the one of the best Professional site and strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts. There are lot of technical groups and I personally follow quite a number of them. However, there was no good group for Windows Communication foundation and other connected systems. I created a group for windows communication foundation and can be joined at
(wish I could have friendly urls for linkedIn groups)

What this group is all about ?

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is Microsoft’s unified framework for building reliable,
secure, transacted, and interoperable distributed applications. WCF represents a new step
in distributed programming for developers using the .NET Framework.This group is for all those professionals interested in delivering the next generation of distributed application using Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation
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My upcoming book titled "Pro WCF 4.0"

I have been authoring since few months on a book on WCF for APress titled “Pro WCF 4.0”. The release of .NET 4.0 brought a wide range of new functionality to WCF. Developers and Architects with experience using WCF 3.5 or earlier who want to be able to apply this new functionality to their application will benefit greatly from the discussions and code samples in this book. This book is also a great resource for application developers and architects new to SOA or just new to the core concepts of WCF. This book is expected to release by early quater next year. I will be sharing some more snippets about the book in coming days. It has come in APress site for initial promos by clicking here