Every blog has to start somewhere. This blog starts here.

If you want to know what this blog is about and why I’m writing it, look here.

In addition to the general thoughts on the “About” page, I encourage feedback on the blog-specific issues that may exist. I’m still figuring out what I think works best in terms of formatting, code conventions, even RSS syndication. My current thoughts, such as they are:


  • Code will be mainly in the form of snippets. If I find a suitable way to post whole classes, then I’ll do that and will try to make the code more “usable” (e.g. comments, XML and otherwise, fully-functional, etc.)
  • I sometimes use the Hungarian coding convention. I hope it won’t get in the way too much, and I’ve found that it’s more useful for variables than for naming properties and methods, so you’ll still see .NET conventions too. As it happens, over the years I’ve shifted to a hybridized Hungarian, where I use many of the basic conventions where they are most useful (particularly variables of simple types that have ambiguous usages, like ints), but follow more .NET-like conventions for other variables, where C# ensures type safety and a non-Hungarian name is more readable.
  • The RSS is currently sent as summaries, not full articles. Personally, for programming-related blogs, I tend to want to see the whole thing formatted, on the actual web site, so I’ve opted to not have the entire blog post sent over RSS.┬áBut that’s a configurable option, and I’ll definitely rethink my choice if I find people complaining that they just want entire blog posts in their RSS.


I look forward to having a place where I can put code samples and ideas that are more fully-fleshed out and more easily referenced than the newsgroup environment. I really prefer Usenet for day-to-day discussions, but sometimes having a more expressive forum is called for. I’m hoping this blog will serve that need.

One thought on “Welcome!”

  1. Hey Peter,
    My name is John Martini. You helped me on Stackoverflow regarding some tab questions. I appreciate your help. I was searching online to see if you have tutorials of any kind since you seemed super knowledgable.

    I’ve come across a tab issue i posted on stackoverflow. Hope you can help. Thank you again.

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