Exchange 2003 on Windows x64? No way Jose!

Recently, I was at a customer implementing a full IT infrastructure – AD, Exchange, SQL, etc. – and we had a bunch of servers already installed. Most of these servers were new and they supported Windows x64, so what the heck, why not have state-of-the-art OS?

The problems arose when we started installing the Exchange Server machine. Forestprep and Domainprep went really smooth, no problem what so ever. But when I kicked the Exchange Setup, it kept warning me that ASP.NET was not installed. So after some Googling, I found out that this configuration is not supported (damn, I should have known that!).

You can run Exchange 2003 on x64 hardware as long as you install the 32 bit version of Windows. That’s what I did.

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P.S. BTW, the Jose on the title, it’s me: Rui Jose Silva 😉

One thought on “Exchange 2003 on Windows x64? No way Jose!

  1. I just ran into this road block. gawd. I was hoping to use this server x64 as a migration path to exchange 2007…. it will have to be a complete overall at that point for this server… boo on microsoft.

    Thanks for the post. It saved me from pointlessly troubleshooting.


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