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Recently I was asked if I knew a method that would allow some users of my Organization to modify the information displayed in the Global Address List (GAL).

I immediately thought on the GAL Modify tool (GALMOD), a nice piece of software from Microsoft, available on the Exchange Resource Kit. There’s a KB article with detailed instructions on how to use GALMOD.

But GALMOD has some limitations, for instance it has to be installed on every desktop from which you want to allow GAL editing.

To overcome some of these limitations, fellow MVP Jim McBee (or should I say, his company) developed a web replacement of GALMOD: Directory Update.

The Directory Update service is a .NET web application written in C# that provides an authenticated user the ability to update some of their Active Directory attributes. Features of Directory Update include:

  • Improved directory accuracy: City, State, Department, Company, Office, and Country attributes must be selected from a customizable validated drop-down list

  • Drop-down lists can be converted to text fields and vice versa – New!

  • Fields or entire sections can be hidden from the user interface – New!

  • Administrator can restrict which attributes can be updated

  • Customizable help string and help page

  • Customizable page and window titles

  • Customizable attribute labels

2 thoughts on “Directory Update

  1. The administrator sets in the application’s configuration which attributes are visible and editable. The configuration is an XML file that allows configuring drop-down lists, changing labels, etc…

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