Feedback wanted: Exchange Shell Help

My blogroll keeps growing and growing! While reading one of my favorite Exchange related sites, Pro-Exchange, I discovered a new interesting blog: David Strome’s Blog.

Well, David is a Technical Writer on the Exchange Server team and he’s asking for feedback about the Exchange Management Shell Help:

As you know we’re working on Exchange 14, the next version of Exchange Server. As part of that work we’re taking a look at how we write content for all of the features of Exchange. I’m working on defining the guidelines for how we write the content for the Exchange Management Shell – what overview and procedural topics need to be written to what content we put into the individual cmdlet topics and how its displayed to you.

I’m really interested in what you think of the Exchange Management Shell help in Exchange Server 2007. What do you like about it? What do you, well, hate? Is it how it’s displayed? Or are we missing something important that would make your life easier if we’d included it? Or did you discover something that just made things ‘click’ for you?

I want to know about it. Put together a wish list or list of things you love (or both!) and send them to me. I’ll be taking your feedback and seeing how it can help us to improve the E14 product documentation.

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Exchange 2007 Leap year bug

When trying to make certain configuration changes such as new-mailbox or enable-mailbox, certain set of our customers would receive the following error:

“The Exchange server address list service failed to respond. This could be because of an address list or email address policy configuration error.”

If you are experiencing these symptoms, please read an important post at the You Had Me At EHLO blog: Exchange Server 2007 and leap year day Feb 29 2008…

That is probably a bug in Exchange Server 2007 that Microsoft is trying to resolve.

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Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator – v13.7

The Microsoft Exchange Team released Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator – v13.7. This Excel spreadsheet is very useful if you’re planning the storage for an Exchange 2007 Mailbox server.

According to the post at the You Had Me At EHLO blog, some of the new enhancements and features are:

  • Projected Number of Mailboxes Growth
  • Network Failure Tolerance
  • Multiple Mailbox Server Support

For a full list of the updates, read Updates to the Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator.

To get the detailed instructions on how to use it, read Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator.

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