MDAC and SNAC and SQL Server 2005

Was listening to a Microsoft Public Online Discussion a few days ago.

I don’t know if I was sleeping the last few months, but I nearly did a double take when it was said that MDAC 9.0 (the version that was going to ship with SQL Server 2005/Yukon and the one that had been floating around in the Beta’s) was no longer going to ship. No version of MDAC is going to ship with SQL Server 2005.


Well, MDAC now belongs to the Operating System and will be exclusively shipped with Windows OS releases.

So what ships with SQL Server 2005?

SNAC (SQL Native Access Client). The .Net managed providers.

Here is the roadmap, but SNAC is trill called SQLNCLI (maybe marketing has still to give it a longer name):

So those who don’t stay current with the latest Service Packs, don’t get the latest MDAC stack. I am wondering how many Newsgroup Posts will be spent answering “Please get the latest SP and Hotfix. That will fix your data access problem”. mmmmmmmm.

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